Mitim (2005–2010) is an ongoing project/typeface designed upon a specific brief* for Dot Dot Dot magazine and characterized by its triangular serifs. The Mitim family of fonts grows and develops with each new issue of the magazine in response to the changing conditions of its production: the context, theme, approach and spirit as well as restrictions in production processes, and the needs of specific contributions.

Mitim Alpha (Dot Dot Dot Nr. 11)
Mitim Beta (Dot Dot Dot Nr. 12)
Mitim Gamma (Dot Dot Dot Nr. 13 / in collaboration with: Louis Lüthi and Stuart Bailey)
Mitim Delta (Dot Dot Dot Nr. 14)
Mitim Epsilon (Dot Dot Dot Nr. 15)
Mtim Zeta (Dot Dot Dot Nr. 16)
Mitim Eta (Dot Dot Dot Nr. 17)
Mitim Theta (Dot Dot Dot Nr. 18)
Mitim Iota (Dot Dot Dot Nr. 19)
Mitim Kappa (Dot Dot Dot Nr. 20)
Mitim Lambda (Chaumont 2011)

Mitim is not available for licensing.

*’The typeface, provisionally titled Mitim (there’s something trianglular about that particular palindrome), should be based on the two examples I gave you – the BROADWAY text and the page from BLAST. The idea is to make a text typeface with triangular serifs. We imagine the weight should be the equivalent of a typical semibold (Plantin semibold for reference, for example), but it should be foremost designed for reading. From now on, unless there is a particular demand from a particular text, the whole of DDD will be set in Mitim; it will be used for all kinds of text, including essays, captions and cover. Over the coming issues we will use the typeface in whatever form it arrives in as we go to print. We suggest that with each new issue you add a new member to the family, and are paid each time as a regular contributor (i.e. The cost of a normal written commission). The previous version can also be amended based on all our comments after publication. In this way we will follow a character growing up in public. So for DDD11 you should produce a first version of the basic roman. Your deadline is a month from now, so 1 October 2005, though you can carry on working on it if you like up until we go to print, which will be about another month from then. Obviously I need some kind of version to start laying out the issue. Feel free to send anything for comment as and when you feel necessary, but beware, in doing so you will come up against mine and P’s unresolvable differences in taste, so you do so at your own risk.’


Mitim is displayed on headlines from NYT Style.

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